The advice you give to others apply it in your life

Are you a person that others go to for advice? Then, surely you know how to listen very well to others that you very much empathize with them. What’s more, you’re always there to give them a hand when they need it. But … what about you? Is anyone there when you need help? Sometimes, we are not aware that we think of ourselves in others rather than ourselves, and this is a serious mistake. Read more “The advice you give to others apply it in your life”

Why do some people get fatter than others?

Surely you have observed that some people eat more than others and do not gain weight or that, eating the same, do not do it with the same speed or the same amount of weight. Today in our space we want to talk about the reasons why these common phenomena can occur. Read more “Why do some people get fatter than others?”

Symptoms of a possible cancer in women

We must pay attention to any changes that occur in our body. Early diagnosis is very important in order to start a treatment and overcome the disease. As we have so many times recommended it and many have heard it in all health centers or in campaigns around the world, prevention is the best way to counteract this disease , because with some very simple and painless tests we can Detect it in time and in this way prevent it from spreading affecting other organs of our body. Read more “Symptoms of a possible cancer in women”

What is dependency of Etizolam?

About Etizolam dependence, it is found on Wikipedia, – “Due to mass sequential use, rarely drug dependence may occur. In addition, severe seizures, occasionally delirium, tremor, insomnia, anxiety, hallucinations, delusions and other withdrawal symptoms may appear due to abrupt reduction or discontinuation of the dose during high dose or continuous use.” Read more “What is dependency of Etizolam?”

7 recipes with baking soda for your face

Thanks to the texture and properties of baking soda we can combine it with multiple ingredients and include it in different beauty recipes to take care of our skin. Sodium bicarbonate is a solid, water-soluble white compound that has the ability to remove dead skin cells. It is well known for its properties in the dental area and has been used as natural toothpaste for its ability to clean deep. With regard to the skin, it is a great moisturizer and is excellent for a smooth and smooth texture, completely free of impurities. Read more “7 recipes with baking soda for your face”

How to reduce carbohydrate consumption to lose body fat

When reducing the consumption of carbohydrates we must take into account that the worst are simple, while the complexes are satiating and have a greater nutritional contribution. Daily consumption of carbohydrate sources is an essential part of the nutrition of all people looking to stay healthy. Read more “How to reduce carbohydrate consumption to lose body fat”

Prohibited foods in pregnancy: what they are and why they should be avoided

Food is a key element in the good development of pregnancy, but also a factor to be taken into account when avoiding exposing the baby to unnecessary risks. In general, those women who lead a healthy life, with a balanced diet and practice regular exercise will only have to maintain their habits during the nine months of pregnancy. They will only have to take into account a list of foods prohibited during gestation and that they respond to the prevention of minor illnesses that can cause great disorders in the pregnancy. Read more “Prohibited foods in pregnancy: what they are and why they should be avoided”

How to Speed ​​Up Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

Cold water can help us increase the metabolic rate since the body has to use energy to heat it until it reaches body temperature. Increasing your body’s metabolism, naturally, helps keep you in shape and have more energy; While maintaining a slow metabolism, is the reason to gain weight or have difficulties to lose it.

Here are some ways to increase your metabolism:


Perform five or six small meals during the day and have a light dinner late in the evening or night, as your metabolism decreases at this time of day; Forget to chop especially at night and let three hours go by before bed.

It is important to change your eating habits; you must ensure a good breakfast, which contains a fruit, whole grains, and protein to start the metabolism process. Choose foods low in fat and calories and high in fiber, such as whole grains, fruits, green leafy vegetables, fish and lean meats, and avoid foods high in fat and sugar.

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The best fruits to increase metabolism, are blueberries, which contain flavonoids and help increase metabolism; Citrus fruits, which are rich in vitamins C, necessary to burn fats, are recommended to eat at least two pieces a day, and melon, which is rich in potassium, which is crucial to accelerate metabolism and achieve weight reduction.

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Begin to exercise, which is very important to keep the metabolism high; Increases lean muscle mass in the body while the body continues to burn fat, even when you do not exercise and improve the ability to lose weight. Choose aerobic exercises such as biking, walking, running or swimming.

Add aerobics, some strength training in your exercise routine, which increases muscle mass in the body; this increase helps to burn fat quickly and speeds up weight loss. Perform exercises calisthenics-potentiate the movements of muscle groups exercises with dumbbells.


Drink two liters of water daily; Drinking cold water increases your metabolic rate by 30% for about 30 minutes because of the energy your body has to use to heat water to body temperature.

Sleep at least eight hours a day, as lack of sleep causes an alteration in the levels of hormones: leptin and ghrelin, which are responsible for the control of appetite and energy consumption.

4 liquefied to cope with stress, depression and tiredness

The lack of adequate sleep, the worries and the multiple tasks of the routine are often responsible for those energy slumps that make us feel tired and in a negative mood. It is normal that at any time the body gives us an invoice, especially if we submit to constant stress situations, physical efforts, and different activities in which their physical and psychological functions are compromised. Read more “4 liquefied to cope with stress, depression and tiredness”

Acupuncture: What It Is and What are its Benefits

Has your doctor ever prescribed acupuncture as a medicine for any condition? Probably not. Generally, alternative treatments receive little attention because some doctors are not aware that science proves that they really are effective alternatives to drugs and medications. Keep reading and know more about acupuncture. Read more “Acupuncture: What It Is and What are its Benefits”