Reduce the face cloth with 5 natural treatments

The cloth, also known as melasma, is a dark colored patch that often forms on most of the face due to alterations in the production of melanin. This condition is quite common in women of childbearing age, as their appearance is linked to the uncontrolled activity of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Because of this some also call it “pregnancy mask”, since it is frequent during and after the gestation stage. Read more “Reduce the face cloth with 5 natural treatments”

5 cosmetic treatments that you can prepare with lemon

Lemon is a prodigious citrus fruit that has been valued since antiquity for its high content of essential nutrients and multiple culinary and medicinal applications. Rich in organic acids, essential oils, and antioxidant substances, it is an alkaline food that can protect the body from the effects of various types of diseases. Read more “5 cosmetic treatments that you can prepare with lemon”

7 recipes with baking soda for your face

Thanks to the texture and properties of baking soda we can combine it with multiple ingredients and include it in different beauty recipes to take care of our skin. Sodium bicarbonate is a solid, water-soluble white compound that has the ability to remove dead skin cells. It is well known for its properties in the dental area and has been used as natural toothpaste for its ability to clean deep. With regard to the skin, it is a great moisturizer and is excellent for a smooth and smooth texture, completely free of impurities. Read more “7 recipes with baking soda for your face”

10 Natural Cosmetics You Can Make at Low Cost

The time in which we live has made us dependent on many products, we have learned to have easy lives without complications, to use “magical” cosmetic products that in the end are not so much but it does not matter because the lack of time does not let us realize Of all the harmful chemicals that contain our beauty products, unfortunately we believe that the more expensive the product, the better the benefits and probably the benefits, but at what cost? , And I mean not only the economic cost but the health. Read more “10 Natural Cosmetics You Can Make at Low Cost”

How to make eyelashes longer at home?

Probably each of us wants to always look your best, and there is almost any sacrifice to make this desire come to life. But not everyone has the opportunity to be constantly visitor to beauty salons, so it is quite a lot of girls and women are interested in the question of how to make eyelashes longer at home. Increase eyelashes at home is possible using two methods, the first of which is a visual, applying makeup and stuff, and the second – is artificial methods of eyelash extensions at home. Today we look at it the second method, since the use of cosmetics for every woman individually.

how-to-make-eyelashes-longer-at-homeNot everyone knows, but periodic combing eyelashes stimulates their growth. The same effect has and burdock oil, when used as a prevention, not less than once a week. It has the ability raspushivat eyelashes, thereby giving them greater volume bole. In general, all methods of lengthening eyelashes or visual increase in the home reduced to folk tricks, the use of special funds, and so we will tell advertising of cosmetic products. And in order to make it convenient to put on lashes burdock oil you can use old mascara. Apply this remedy recommended for 15 minutes, after which it was necessary to remove the residues by means of cotton or similar means of applying it. And for those who are interested in weight loss we recommend an article about how to lose weight without harm to health. Try and you are sure to get.

how-to-make-eyelashes-longer-at-home2The second method is a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A, followed by application to the surface of the lash. We perform all the same as in the previous case. Only this method is best used immediately before bedtime, as fully clean the applied mixture is not necessary, it will reduce the effect of the required impact on the structure of the eyelashes. And periodically wipe drips with lashes during the day will be some discomfort.

The third means – is the oil that is made from grape seed. But it is necessary to wash off after application of warm water. In folk medicine, are considered effective for lengthening eyelashes in popular terms used decoctions of herbs such as chamomile, avarki green and black tea, cornflower and sage. And the main thing to remember that the key to success is the regular use of funds for lengthening eyelashes at home, and not their intensity.

Quickly get rid of cold sores on the lips

One of the most unpleasant moments in the life of every woman is the appearance of the symptoms of herpes on the lips. It’s so unpredictable and painful sensations in, but most of all resent the fact that cold sores on the lips immediately radically spoils the appearance of man. It is believed that herpes – a contagious thing and periodic exacerbations, making appearance in a person’s life a certain kind of restriction. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of cold sores on the lips quickly, faster methods periodically pops up in people of all ages. Also, to quickly get rid of herpes can be used Huashen products, which is written in more detail here , all Huashen, this innovative therapies with the use of nanotechnology, and you try this novelty in modern medicine.

Cold sore, conceptual imageHerpes on the lips, the causes and symptoms of its appearance

The most common herpes occurs exactly on the lips, why is this happening that affects its appearance, which is the driving force in the formation of herpes on the lips. Herpes is a virus that belongs to the Group I, you can catch them both from the other person’s saliva or arrived from air, the virus that got into the wound or crack formed on his lips. But in order that the virus has been activated and appeared herpes occurrence of certain symptoms of conditions must be met. These include both cold and poor diet, for example, incorrectly calculated diet, finding for a long time in the cold or heat. Herpes can be an unpleasant visitor in violation of or during menstruation, or during pregnancy.

quickly-get-rid-of-cold-sores-on-the-lips2How to cure herpes at home

Treatment of herpes means treating a viral disease that is most effectively achieved through the use of immunostimulants and ointments that are applied to the lesions occurring inflammatory formations. If a person for a long time, periodically appear herpes symptoms, then it certainly should pay attention to their immunity. Take measures to strengthen it, it is desirable, if it will receive natural products and only in urgent cases, on doctor’s advice, special products that allow to saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen the immune system.