Prohibited foods in pregnancy: what they are and why they should be avoided

Food is a key element in the good development of pregnancy, but also a factor to be taken into account when avoiding exposing the baby to unnecessary risks. In general, those women who lead a healthy life, with a balanced diet and practice regular exercise will only have to maintain their habits during the nine months of pregnancy. They will only have to take into account a list of foods prohibited during gestation and that they respond to the prevention of minor illnesses that can cause great disorders in the pregnancy. Read more “Prohibited foods in pregnancy: what they are and why they should be avoided”

What drinks are useful for weight loss?

Almost every one of us knows that the man drink the liquid has a very important role in our body.Even digested food in our body before will come as a nutrient to the cells to become virtually water. A very important element in the diet is water. Because water is the main source of regeneration of cells. Those people who practically do not drink water, doom themselves to more rapid aging. Moreover, tea, coffee and juices can be directly attributed to the food, asthe body, and more specifically the digestive system is necessary to spend some effort to remove all of them useful substances and absorb the remaining water. Let’s try to figure out what drinks are useful for weight loss. Who cares, there is an article that is blogged about what the first 10 products for beautiful skin you need to eat to be healthy obladatelnetsey and velvet skin.

what-drinks-are-useful-for-weight-lossDrinks that are beneficial for weight loss

One of the most popular drinks for weight loss green tea is considered to be because he does not carry virtually no calories and helps cleanse the body. Purification is based on the beneficial effect of antioxidants, which excrete viruses, toxins, poisons and toxins. Not so long ago, scientists calculated that the average person with an average weight of 70 kg is currently in the order of 6, 7 kilograms of toxins and other harmful substances. And with age, this figure increases significantly. Substances that are contained in this green tea can strengthen bones, teeth, have a preventive effect against viral diseases. Antioxidants, which are rich in green tea, are an excellent prophylactic cancer.

what-drinks-are-useful-for-weight-loss2Cocoa and hot chocolate. Perfectly satisfies hunger, contains in its structure the so-called hormone of happiness, which is called serotonin. These drinks are high in calories, but do not carry much risk of extra kilos, as after use for a long time I do not want to eat. And if you calculate the calories drunk and those that could be eaten, then comes the interesting result that the number of calories consumed during the day is reduced almost by half.These drinks like measure and can be an excellent substitute for the sweet lovers.Remember that to lose weight without harm to health is one of the basic rules to follow when choosing a diet.

Week melon diet

Weight loss today is converted into a certain kind of mania in the struggle for harmony and smartness figure, and sometimes it goes beyond reasonable limits. Week melon diet – is one of the species diversity of fruit diets, which as we all know, have already managed to gain some popularity due to its effectiveness. There is even a specific list of products that will not only promote weight loss, but also improve the health of the skin, more here . A variety of existing diets owe their existence to the fact that we are all different, from the taste preferences to the structural features of the body, which is why one melon diet is an effective way to deal with excess weight, or at least a good discharge day, and another will not give desired result.

week-melon-dietAs we all know, in August – this is the season of melons, and that’s when it is desirable to apply the melon diet because in this month the product is saturated with all the beneficial vitamins and minerals. Now let’s get to the most melon diet. This type of diet involves the eating during the day and a half kilograms of melon. And eat the melon should be from 4 pm until 8 pm. Application of the product should be divided into 5-Th uniform parts that we will fulfill one of the main rules of effective food for losing weight: “Eat a little, but products should be broken down into 5-Th uniform parts that we will fulfill one of the main rules of effective power to”.

How to lose weight on the diet melon?

For breakfast, before the melon diet should drink a glass of this, full-leaf green tea and a small vegetable salad, in which, instead of sunflower oil is olive. What other drinks are useful for weight loss, you can find here. After 12 hours, you can make a vitamin drink. For him, we need a certain mix of fruits. It is desirable to have as a part of the berries cranberries or cranberries, you can add the raspberries, strawberries, a little apple juice.

week-melon-diet2During the first two days of melon diet breakfast and lunch may include a vegetable salad of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, vitamin juice is sometimes say cheese reception, but always lean. If B to maintain the strength of the day during one lettuce insufficient, then it can be replaced by oatmeal, but it is necessary to prepare water rather than milk.

On the third and fourth day, at lunch, salad dressing can add a small amount of lean fish, such as cooked in the oven. Better if it will be a sea fish.

On the fifth and sixth day of melon diet for breakfast to green tea should add one egg to be cooked soft-boiled or scrambled eggs. And for dinner to make high-calorie seafood salad, which can consist of shrimp, tomatoes, slices of cheese, boiled squid and pieces of the testicles, to fill a salad with olive oil, it is desirable, in no case, not mayonnaise.

On the seventh day, for breakfast, you can cook a small amount of buckwheat. And to cook dinner already familiar to us vegetable salad.