How to boost your memory power when you are tired?

A strong memory totally depends on the vivaciousness of the brain. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a working professional or a student you always need to stay mentally sharp or focused, a lot of activities you can do to improve your mental abilities even when you’re tired and can boost your memory power.

There’s a saying goes like you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but in this case, this old adage is not true. According to neuroscientists human brain has an outstanding adaptability or changeability even in old age, in medical term, it is called neuroplasticity. You can always utilise the power of neuroplasticity to improve the cognitive abilities of your brain.

Enjoy the right level of distraction

When you get tired, it automatically effects on your concentration level. In this situation just distract your mind, head to a coffee shop and enjoy with your friends which will give the right amount of productivity boost to your brain. According to the study published in the ‘Journal of Consumer Research,’ it is reported that a little amount of distraction highly improve one’s concentration power and creativity.

Take a nap

If you are feeling tired from your busy work schedule, try to get some time and take a short nap. It will surely boost your memory level. Most people don’t get uninterrupted sleep every night; a short nap can increase their performance and boos your memory power.

Eat good foods

To have a healthier brain, you need to eat smart foods. It is important to remember that what we eat, it will enter into our bloodstream and flows to the brain. As a result, it affects the way one’s think or feel. So it is necessary to add smart foods in your regular diet which include eggs, whole grains, spinach, yoghurt, blueberries, caffeine, green tea, etc. Try to avoid junk and spicy foods, red meat, butter, etc. which can sabotage the productivity of your brain.

Listen to some soothing music

You might be wonder what does music do to your brain? It has been confirmed through research that music stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain, which directly affects the emotional response and gives you the better ability to feel joyful. Studies also say that listening to soothing music like classical not only sharps your memory but also improve your reasoning and critical thinking ability.

Spends some time with nature

A study was conducted at the ‘University of Michigan’, and it revealed that if anyone spends some time with nature like taking a walk among trees or sitting in a field for a couple of time can improve their short- term memory power by 30 to 35%. According to this research, it is found that intriguing stimulants of nature help to replenish one’s attention as well as memory power.

Boost up memory power with Nootropics

Nootropic is a type of drug, which boosts up cognitive functions like mental abilities, memory power of the user. Nootropics stimulates the neurotransmitters of the brain and also improved the oxygen supplies in the body. There is a wide variety of nootropics available, and the most widely used one is racetams. This racetam helps to boost memory power by stimulating cognitive factors like synaptic plasticity. For more information visit

How to lose weight without harm to health?

Slimming without any harm to human health in itself preclude any use of diets. In diet, in this case we mean a sharp change in the human diet that promotes rapid weight loss due to severe stress as a result of hunger. But our body is designed in such a way that each of his cell after a strong stress is beginning to recover efficiently, and therefore lost weight comes back just as quickly as it left. As a result, the person gets nothing, except for certain health hazards, so the weight loss, which will not harm health should take place without the use of diets.Another thing is the gradual transfer of the body to the diet, which allows the body to gradually transfer more useful and energy-intensive “fuel”, healthy food.

how-to-lose-weight-without-harm-to-health2What does it mean to lose weight without dieting

To lose weight without strict diets, we need time and patience. Because people accumulate excess body fat for years, and want to get rid of them in a matter of months or even weeks. It should be understood that the transition to a healthy diet, as we understand it is not just fortified foods, and a large amount of useful minerals contained in the products, but also the correct dosage of food. Our people are used to eating a lot, but there is often a need in the body is not present.

First we need to gradually reduce fudnuyu fast food, ie food, in which the body does not need clearly. Sometimes people even say that it is better not to eat anything than to eat fast food. When your willpower will be enough to get rid of a bad habit of eating fast food meals you can go to the second step.

Effective fasting days to cleanse the body

Should get in the habit to organize two or three days a week unloading, when there will be a complete rejection of fried, smoked food, any kind of meat and semi-finished products. In those days, we will have only natural products that are as good for your health. Sutra only green tea, no coffee, because it is strongly clogs the vascular system and gives the body a certain stress, due to which most people immediately begin to wake up. For breakfast, fruit salad, only a small portion of fresh fruit, in the extreme case of canned. Then throughout the day from the meat only sea food, baked fish, shrimp, seaweed and other seafood useful.

how-to-lose-weight-without-harm-to-healthSuch fasting days very effectively cleanse the body and heals it, and naturally reduce weight helping to reduce body fat in the body. By all the above I want to add that for an effective, natural way to lose weight you need every day to drink at least half liters of clean, preferably structured water. We used to go without water because of what our body’s cells do not normally have time to bathe, to recover. Only high-quality low-molecular water is able to effectively cleanse the body on a cellular level. Any other beverages such effect will not give, because water body are still needed to be obtained by reworking the fluid flowing into it.

Many women from education stadayut acne on the face and other similar entities, but they may not even suspect that the problem is poor nutrition. Proper nutrition with acne can be very effectively contribute to improving the processes of self-purification of the body from harmful substances that have accumulated toxins.

So in conclusion, I would like to signify the most important, any transition to a healthy diet will significantly reduce your weight, or rather normalizes it. But as to look young, the skin is tightened still have to deal with physically, because any muscle man without a specific active has degraded property will atrophy certain of its functions. Nature will not spend energy on the development of the muscles, which does not operate actively, so beautiful body is always in your hands, but you need to make a little effort to make a dream come true.