Is it good to wear heels daily?    

Have not you ever debated between comfort and elegance? The truth is that this is a discussion that has always existed, but in recent times it occurs more strongly. Although there are women who claim that heels are not annoying, many others say that it causes them strong pains and even blame them for the appearance of bunions. Read more “Is it good to wear heels daily?    “

How to regulate melatonin and sleep better

The darkness sends to our brain the signal that it is time to sleep; it is convenient to avoid the light stimuli, like the television or the mobile, before going to bed. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating many biological functions (including sleep and wakefulness). That is why it is essential to keep it balanced if we want to rest well and avoid some disorders as frequent as insomnia. Read more “How to regulate melatonin and sleep better”

The advice you give to others apply it in your life

Are you a person that others go to for advice? Then, surely you know how to listen very well to others that you very much empathize with them. What’s more, you’re always there to give them a hand when they need it. But … what about you? Is anyone there when you need help? Sometimes, we are not aware that we think of ourselves in others rather than ourselves, and this is a serious mistake. Read more “The advice you give to others apply it in your life”

How to make eyelashes longer at home?

Probably each of us wants to always look your best, and there is almost any sacrifice to make this desire come to life. But not everyone has the opportunity to be constantly visitor to beauty salons, so it is quite a lot of girls and women are interested in the question of how to make eyelashes longer at home. Increase eyelashes at home is possible using two methods, the first of which is a visual, applying makeup and stuff, and the second – is artificial methods of eyelash extensions at home. Today we look at it the second method, since the use of cosmetics for every woman individually.

how-to-make-eyelashes-longer-at-homeNot everyone knows, but periodic combing eyelashes stimulates their growth. The same effect has and burdock oil, when used as a prevention, not less than once a week. It has the ability raspushivat eyelashes, thereby giving them greater volume bole. In general, all methods of lengthening eyelashes or visual increase in the home reduced to folk tricks, the use of special funds, and so we will tell advertising of cosmetic products. And in order to make it convenient to put on lashes burdock oil you can use old mascara. Apply this remedy recommended for 15 minutes, after which it was necessary to remove the residues by means of cotton or similar means of applying it. And for those who are interested in weight loss we recommend an article about how to lose weight without harm to health. Try and you are sure to get.

how-to-make-eyelashes-longer-at-home2The second method is a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A, followed by application to the surface of the lash. We perform all the same as in the previous case. Only this method is best used immediately before bedtime, as fully clean the applied mixture is not necessary, it will reduce the effect of the required impact on the structure of the eyelashes. And periodically wipe drips with lashes during the day will be some discomfort.

The third means – is the oil that is made from grape seed. But it is necessary to wash off after application of warm water. In folk medicine, are considered effective for lengthening eyelashes in popular terms used decoctions of herbs such as chamomile, avarki green and black tea, cornflower and sage. And the main thing to remember that the key to success is the regular use of funds for lengthening eyelashes at home, and not their intensity.

How to look slimmer?

Unhealthy diet and the inability to buy quality food, lack of time to prepare healthy meals and a thousand reasons for the acquisition of excess weight causes some women to ponder the question of how to look slimmer. There are some tricks of visual deception, when you can get some of the proportions look more slender.Almost every woman’s body can be brought with the help of certain tricks to a more slender appearance. This is especially true when I want to look perfect now, and extra weight for some reason do not want to leave. Correct long workouts and diets do not have time, then it is better to use things that will help answer the question of how to look more visually slimmer.

how-to-look-slimmerHow to dress to look slimmer

The question of how to choose clothes for the full always remained topical. To look slimmer, use only  vertical cut, it is better if the clothes will be vertical stripes pronounced since this makes your figure looks more slimmer and longer.

Bright shades and colors in clothing markedly increase the size of the person who wears them. More dark colors have always been a priority in the locker room full of women. It is also recommended to use colorful fabrics, they are no worse than dark shades visually ustroynyayut silhouette of a woman. Tone on tone – one more important thing that will help to look more slender.

how-to-look-slimmer2At the moment, the fashion industry has gone so far that there are certain models of underwear, which allows to hide almost all the possible shortcomings of the female body.With the help of such clothes you can always get into your favorite jeans. This underwear is not only cleans, tightens bulging tummy, but also effectively hides formed on the sides of the folds.

Do not forget that their beauty is always to be found with the help of their own, original style, both in clothes and in cosmetics and externally, which is set by hair and make-up quality. If you have not thought about how to choose a good stylist, then be sure to check out the portfolio of the best masters of this business in your town. His style does not only Bole irresistible woman, but also highlights its charisma.