Foods that will help you shape your abs

shape your abs

Maintain a firm abdomen flat is one way to demonstrate optimal health and exhibit both an aesthetic and beautiful body. But to achieve this result a physical and nutritional process must be performed. Below are lists of the best foods that will help you to shape your abs.

 shape your abs

How to mold abs

Food plays a very important role in improving the tonicity of muscles and especially the abdominal area and learns which are the most beneficial foods to maintain a strong and attractive abdominal. As long as you maintain exercise routines to keep strong muscles toned.

The Apple

The apple contains various properties that help fight fat and improve the toning process of the abdominal area. Besides being rich in fiber, it improves digestion gracefully to your pectin levels; basically consuming a natural fat burner that will constantly improve the figure in this area of the body.

Olive oil

Another food that helps mold the abdominals is olive oil; its main property is monounsaturated fat, i.e. pure and free of free radicals. Monounsaturated fats act as a blood sugar regulator decreasing it and avoiding the need to eat too much. It is an ideal advice to avoid the need to eat a lot and that the abdomen is too distant.

Ingest Salmon

When a person is in an exercise routine to shape the abs should consume a diet that enhances the end result. One of the healthiest recommendations is salmon because its high content in omega 3 helps to burn fat attached to the tissue.

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Their fatty acids are so effective that together proteins activate the metabolism and prevent stomach swelling.


Strawberries contain a significant amount of water and fiber. Both components are accompanied by flavonoids which together provide immediate action on metabolism in general. This process speeds up fat removal and therefore helps maintain the shape of the abdominal area as well as other places, eliminating excess fat.


In addition to being a delicious fruit, banana can help you maintain an ideal weight, which most people do not know that it can bring the same amount of calories as an apple could give. It has a high amount of fiber and potassium and eating one or two ripe bananas after exercise will helps mold the abs.


It is another of the foods to get molded abs. Its effectiveness is focused on its nutrients that prevent fluid retention and reduce all types of inflammation. It is a supplement that can be added to the diet and benefit immediately.

Oatmeal Cereals

It is one of the best foods that could be consumed during the morning or evening. Oatmeal cereals can help in the process of molding the abdominals thanks to its high fiber content. Its proteins and antioxidants also improve the digestive system and cause it to expel excess cholesterol.


Nuts provide a considerable amount of monounsaturated fat, consuming them sparingly after an exercise routine helped mold the abdominal area. In this specific case, the nuts that are rich in fiber, Omega 3, fatty acids and proteins are recommended. It can consume up to four each day.


Eggs during breakfast will help mold your abs. Thanks to its proteins, the metabolism cleanses the system and prevents the lipids from adhering to excess adipose tissue. It basically functions as a metabolism regulator.


It is perhaps the most common recommendation but one of the most effective to lose weight. Consuming more than six glasses of water a day helps mold the abdominal area. With each glass, the digestive system eliminates heavy fats and keeps it free so that fats are burned as the body requires.

Finally, these foods can show all their benefits to the abdominal area only if accompanied by progressive exercises. An abdominal molding routine is necessary to get the desired results, which in this case would be a flat and molded belly.

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