Is it good to wear heels daily?    


Have not you ever debated between comfort and elegance? The truth is that this is a discussion that has always existed, but in recent times it occurs more strongly. Although there are women who claim that heels are not annoying, many others say that it causes them strong pains and even blame them for the appearance of bunions.

On the other hand, we also know testimonials from people who assure that this type of footwear is part of their work uniform. They are not a choice, but an imposition. To all this is added the question of health. At a time when that aspect is increasingly important in our lives, we wonder what effect it has to wear heels on it. Beyond the problem of pain, do they carry other consequences? The truth is yes.

In addition to the aforementioned bunions derived from a deformation of the foot, heels hurt us in other ways that you may not know. If you want to do it, continue with us and you will discover the effects of opting for these shoes every day.

Consequences of wearing heels daily

Back injuries

When we chose to wear heels, we decided to walk for hours as dancers. We support the entire weight of our body on the tip of the fingers.

Therefore, all the muscles and bones located above them suffer. All this culminates in an overload of the back, caused by the muscular contractures generated from the lumbar.

Muscles shorten

As we have already mentioned, the way of walking with heels affects the leg, especially the twins and the soleus.

  • The consequences of using this type of footwear daily in this area are more serious than a simple pain.
  • In this case, a shortening of said musculature may occur. Reason must be sought in the continuous contraction to which it is subjected.

Consequently, when we use flat shoes, we feel uncomfortable walking.

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In this case, we stretch the muscles mentioned, so we force them again. However, if we have this lesson we can solve it.

  • Just go reduce the height of the heels little by little. In this way, the twins and sole recover their original length.

Loss of balance

We cannot forget that the tone of the muscles is fundamental when it comes to maintaining balance. If we have vascular disorders, back or some type of problem in the feet, the structure in charge of the balance undergoes variations that hinder the balance.

They may thereby also appear difficulties like dizziness or giddiness. Our body has run out of axis, so a series of complications arising from the phenomenon arises.

What is the most suitable footwear?

The good news for women who are fond of wearing heels is that shoes should always have a certain height, specifically between 2 and 4 cm.

If you look at the shape of the foot, we realize that the heel already establishes it, so these measures fit better to the foot than those of the planes.

On the other hand, it is important that you cover the area of the fingers, but not compress them.

As for the materials, it is advisable to always look at the soles.

  • The best are the rubber ones because they favor us to walk in a more natural way, in addition to dampening our steps.

Thus, flat shoes are also harmful. As we said, they contradict the natural disposition of the feet. This means that we will also suffer when walking.

As proof, we have the case of women who, despite not wearing heels, do not support the so-called dancers. These are so low that they are not comfortable and you feel pain in the plants, due to what we said before about the function of the heel.

Therefore, as is usual in almost everything, the ideal is the middle point, starting from the active listening of our own body. Regardless of trends, in our daily lives, we must pay attention and know the needs of bones and muscles.

In this way, on special occasions, we can resort to heels without putting our musculoskeletal health at risk.

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