This is what happens to your body when you start the diet of the artichoke. Amazing!

diet of the artichoke

The artichoke diet aims to do more than favor weight loss. Something as simple as including in our weekly diet an artichoke a day along with the water resulting from its cooking can bring us great and unsuspected benefits. On the other hand, it should be noted that this diet is not based on consuming this vegetable exclusively over a given time.

The secret is to maintain a varied and balanced diet, as natural as possible, free of saturated fats, refined flours and where the artichokes are present daily cooked in various ways.

Next, we explain how to carry it out and the big changes you’ll start to notice just a few days later.

We are sure that this information will be very useful to you.

How to Carry Out the Artichoke Diet

Options for your breakfast

  • White tea, toast with avocado and tomato, half papaya.
  • A coffee, a bowl of papaya, white yogurt, and nuts.
  • A grapefruit juice, a scrambled egg with spinach, some nuts.

Options for the central meal of the day

  • Artichokes with brown rice. An Apple.
  • Artichoke soup with turkey breast. A handle.
  • A salad of spinach, arugula, and strawberries. An artichoke with vinegar and lemon.
  • Grilled artichokes, escarole salad, lettuce, pomegranates, low-fat cheese, raisins and a splash of lemon.

Options for dinner

In any of the alternatives that we choose should include, firstly, a glass of water from the cooking of the artichokes with a little lemon juice.

Then we can choose between:

  • Salmon and wild asparagus. Baked apple.
  • A baked eggplant. Pear jam.
  • Pumpkin soup, a celery salad with green apple and walnuts.
  • A grilled chicken breast and Brussels sprouts.

What you will notice after a week

A stronger immune system

Artichokes are what is commonly considered a superfood. They contain multiple phytonutrients and antioxidants as potent as those found in dark chocolate, blueberries or red wine.

The anthocyanins, as well as the quercetins present in this vegetable, offer a wonderful immune boost to our body.

Better digestion

After two days of following this diet of the artichoke, you will notice how your digestions are lighter.

  • Artichokes act as a mild remedy for indigestion and upset stomach.
  • In turn, one of its most appreciated compounds, Cinnarizine, is known to increase bile production.
  • Thus, it helps to accelerate the movement of food and waste through the intestines to reduce the feeling of swelling. It is fabulous.

On the other hand, a wonderful aspect is the one referring to its contribution in inulin, a type of fiber that acts like prebiotic. Something ideal for raising the number of “good bacteria” in the gut.

A healthier liver

Artichokes are very effective at reducing the level of lipids like bad cholesterol or LDL.

If we add to its great number of antioxidants, its purifying and anti-inflammatory action, we will understand why this vegetable is so healthy for our liver.

  • Among the most powerful phytonutrients of artichokes are Cinnarizine and silymarin.
  • These two elements usually remain in the water resulting from the cooking of the same, hence it is necessary that we consume in this healthy diet.

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You will regulate your blood pressure

Foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, celery or artichokes, help us maintain a healthy balance of our body’s electrolytes.

In turn, artichokes are very rich in magnesium, an essential mineral to reduce the harmful impact of excess sodium, something very necessary to regulate blood pressure.

We will lose weight in a healthy way

One thing that needs to be clear is that there are no magic foods that will reduce weight loss themselves.

  • What we have are foods that favor certain mechanisms that can help us in this process.
  • Artichokes are useful because they improve our digestion because they allow us to break down the more resistant fat.
  • In turn, they take care of the liver, are diuretic, nutritious, satiating and regulate the blood sugar level.

You will take care of your brain

This fact, no doubt, is very interesting: artichokes are rich in vitamin K, a very important component for cerebrovascular and cognitive health.

Thanks to vitamin K we can protect against neuronal damage and degeneration, and minimize the possible development of diseases such as dementia, Parkinson or alzheimer’s.

To conclude, as you can see, all these benefits are as wonderful as interesting.

However, remember: the artichoke diet must always be accompanied by a balanced diet where we exclude saturated fats, refined flours…

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