Stretching exercises before and after the gym

Stretching exercises

What stretching exercises do you have to do before and after the gym? The stretches, understood in a preventive sense, prepare the muscles and joints, thus avoiding injuries.

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises:

A muscle that is not flexible will miss its potential, which will result in a lower performance and greater effort in each movement. The stretching should be part of our routine, both to warm muscles, starting the exercise, and at the end when the body releases lactic acid which can be crystallized and create rigid fibers. Stretching the muscles to end stiffness and prevent future injuries also relieves the tension that can be generated with training and our resistance increases considerably.

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Before starting to exercise, with a stretching session, you can prepare the muscles, so that it reacts to physical stimuli different from those of the day today.

After practice, stretching removes stresses in the development of activity also improves circulation, reduces muscle pain, prevents muscle oxidation and prepares the muscle for fiber regeneration and balance.

It is important to perform stretching in a slow and relaxed manner. In no case should you feel pain when doing the stretches on the platform, it is advisable to be as comfortable as possible.

There are different types of stretches for each type of muscle. To stretch the waist muscles, we will kneel on the floor, leaning sideways, leaning one arm on the floor, while the other arm is lifted and stretched over the head. Then, the same movements will be made by changing sides. It can also be done standing up.

Stretching the quadriceps can be done standing and taking one of the legs back holding it with the hand, force upwards, for a few seconds. Then we will repeat with the other leg.

The hamstrings can be stretched when sitting on the floor and with the legs extended and together. We will hold the tips of the feet and we will press to the interior, without forcing, only to stretch the arms. The muscles of the twins can be stretched by leaning against a wall or a step, placing the foot at an angle greater than 75 degrees and exerting pressure, either forward or down.

The abductors can stretch them by squatting on one leg, stretch the other and carry it as far as possible from the body, about 20 seconds.

Repeat the process with the other leg. To stretch the neck, standing with your back straight, we will take the head slowly backward a few seconds and then, we will return to its original position. It is important to do this exercise slowly to avoid possible dizziness.

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