Symptoms of a possible cancer in women

Symptoms of cancer

We must pay attention to any changes that occur in our body. Early diagnosis is very important in order to start a treatment and overcome the disease. As we have so many times recommended it and many have heard it in all health centers or in campaigns around the world, prevention is the best way to counteract this disease , because with some very simple and painless tests we can Detect it in time and in this way prevent it from spreading affecting other organs of our body.

In case you get to have one of these symptoms, I recommend that you do not be scared, since that does not mean that you have the disease, simply this is a guide of warning signs so that you are attentive and go immediately to visit your Trusted doctor, and he will order some routine exams that will rule out doubts. If the results are not satisfactory and positive, you should not despair either. In that case, you have to feel lucky since the disease was detected in time and so you can perform a treatment that will most certainly be effective and the disease will be defeated.

Sudden weight loss, for no apparent reason

Having an important weight loss, without apparent reasons, without having made diets or exercises to lose weight, is a cause for concern to visit your doctor immediately, as this could be a sign of a possible cancer of the pancreas, stomach, esophagus or lung.

Mouth ulcers that do not heal

If you suffer from frequent mouth ulcers on the lips and gums that also remain for more than three weeks you should go to see your doctor, since although these injuries are very common also have to keep in mind that these disappear in Two or three days. When the lesions take the time to heal, it is a sign that there is serious irritation in the oral mucous membranes and must be treated.

Frequent episodes of fever

The vast majority of people with some type of cancer suffer from fevers frequently, especially if this disease affects the immune system. Keep in mind that we all have an episode of fever at some point in life, but the big problem is that they are very frequent.

Abdominal discomfort too strong

Abdominal discomfort may include pain, swelling, bloating, changes in bowel habits such as diarrhea and constipation frequent and Unexplained, rectal bleeding, blood traces dark in the stool. You should consult any of these signs because it may be a cancer of the intestines.

Permanent cough

If you have a permanent cough that lasts longer than two weeks, whether it is a dry cough or expectoration cough, or if some blood spots appear on the phlegm or if your voice gets hoarse frequently , these may be some symptoms Of cancer in the lungs. So if you are suffering from any of these symptoms you should go to the specialist immediately.

Skin changes

If you notice some color changes in the skin, some spots that were not there before, if new moles appear or changes that you had, itching, crusting or bleeding , any changes you discover on your skin have to be consulted with the dermatologist As soon as possible, since skin cancer can start that way.


The Leukoplakia is a white patch on the mouth or tongue which may be caused by frequent irritations, which have been caused by infections or cigarette smoking or alcohol, these injuries should be treated as soon as possible, Otherwise, they can trigger oral cancer.

Sudden and unusual bleeding

Bleeding in urine can be a cancer of bladder or kidney, blood in the stool can be colon or bowel cancer, bleeding phlegm may signal lung cancer, abnormal vaginal bleeding is surely signal Of cancer in the uterus or the neck of the uterus.

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Unexplained bleeding can be a sign of advanced cancer, but it may also be just beginning, the most important recommendation that you should keep in mind is to go to the doctor to the slightest suspicion of any serious problem.

Thickening or knotting in one breast

These injuries can appear for different reasons, so it is very important to consult the specialist when we discover something abnormal in this area of the body, because if it is a cancer, it is curable if treated early. The exam to determine if we are starting a breast cancer is through mammography, this is a very simple test that does not produce pain and is done in just five minutes, so there is no excuse for not doing this test every year without fail.

How can we prevent cancer?

The most important thing to keep in mind to fight against cancer is to follow a correct diet, which must always be present abundant fruits and vegetables, in addition, should be consumed many products that contain plenty of fiber, this favors good digestion and Prevents colon cancer. We must consume at least eight glasses of water a day, this way we will be helping our kidneys to function properly and thus avoid complications that can be as serious as a bladder or kidney cancer. If we go for a walk like this is not doing the sun we must apply a good amount of blocker, this way we will avoid skin cancer.

Another way to prevent cancer in any part of the body is to pay attention to the signs described above because when going to the doctor we will perform the tests and respective studies to determine what kind of injury we have and will begin to practice a treatment that will very likely give the best results.

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