Booty-Building is currently on everyone’s lips and I do not belong to those who emulate any trend – but a crunchy, tight butt I find on a woman just nice and since I am very much working on, there is Here are two exercises, which I add in addition to bringing the small particle into shape! My top 5 for a knack I have already betrayed you already.

Kickbacks with stretched leg

I am going to write this exercise now because I do not know if there is any real name for it

The starting position is the quadrupole level. The back is straight and the view to the ground The-solder. Now you have one leg stretched upwards. Hold this position for a short moment and tighten the Po. Then you lower the stretched leg again (but only a small bit – not quite to the ground). Repeat this process as often as you can. Of course, with the other side. I also use weight cuffs to make the exercise a little more intense. Try it out – you will feel the twisting in the bobbin.

Crab Walk or Monster Walk

This exercise I have seen (of course) with Jen Salter and tried and I love her!

It is best to use weight cuffs or a band. The starting position is the squat position. Stand upright and shoulder-straightened. The upper body is upright with Jen-shelter-squat Look straight ahead (only difference to picture). Now, in this squat position, take a small step to the right and go down with the bottom of the butt, then push yourself up again into the squat position. Then you pull the left leg back and go back down with the buttocks. Then you push up again into the squat position. This “Crab-Walk” then you do so long until it is not possible – Feel the burn!  🙂

These two exercises I’ve added for some time in my to training and they give the extra burn in the bottom.

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