How a Weight Training Can Help You Lose Weight?

How a Weight Training Can Help You Lose Weight1

If we did a survey on what people think they have to do to lose weight, 90% of the answers would be that you have to do endless hours of cardio on the treadmill.

Cardio is part of a successful weight loss program, but it’s definitely not the only component. If you only do cardio you will struggle to eliminate those pounds and the chances of keeping it off your body are reduced.lifting-weights

Having (and maintaining) a healthy weight requires a dynamic approach. A combination of cardio and weights is the method that will give you the best chance of sustaining the results.

Let’s explain it in detail …

When you only use cardio to lose weight, and we refer to the type of prolonged, long and slow cardio, you are burning calories when you do the exercise but you are not necessarily creating the situation in which your body burns calories all day. Doing weights instead develops muscle tissue that burns calories to a greater radius and burns them throughout the day, not just when you exercise.

Technically you will burn fewer calories in one hour of weight training than in one hour of running, but lean exercise will burn your calories between one and two days after that weight session. Interesting, right?

Many cardio exercises, in general, do not develop significant muscle tissue, there are even forms of cardio that use it as fuel and neither of these two things is something you want. If your body consumes muscle your metabolism slows down and the process of weight loss is even more difficult to perform. There is cardio that it does and it is the cardio at intervals or HIIT as it is known.

The problem with this type of cardio to lose weight is that it is an intense workout and as such cannot be done every day. Another point to consider is that often those who are pursuing weight loss are people with low levels of fitness and activity, and if you get into a program on an interval, it is likely that you will not last a week and you will want to quit.

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But if you add cardio to a weight training program, you will not only burn fat but also your body will improve in innumerable ways. Bone density increases, coordination improves, ligaments and tendons are strengthened, balance is greatly improved and you also reduce the chances of suffering from heart problems, diabetes, and even depression. Even gaining muscle tissue is good at any age, and especially as we get older. Lots of benefits.

But do not think that a cardio routine is not important, your cardiovascular health is, cardio stimulates a healthy blood circulation, it also helps improve the health of your bones and since it burns fat. What we mean by this is that moderation with cardio and the balance of both will give you the best possibilities. The unbeatable combo is cardio and weights, not one without the other.

How a Weight Training Can Help You Lose Weight3

How many times a week should you train with weights to lose weight?

 The answer may vary but our options are two. The one that we like the most for the hormones that shoot and for the complete thing is to do weights three times a week with full body routines. You attack all the muscles of your body at one time and the potential burns fat is immense. The cardio you do on days that do not do weights, can be two or three and leave a day of total rest.

The second option is to have two days of upper train training and two days of lower train training. In this case, the cardio can be done at the end of the routine or 15 minutes before starting and fifteen when finished. Good alternatives are both.

More of this will not necessarily help you since your body has to rest from exercise, which although sometimes does not seem intense you are giving a new stimulus. In general, lines, if a muscle still feels a little sore from the workout you probably need a longer rest. The rule is that at first, it feels easy, then you progress in successive weeks.

How a Weight Training Can Help You Lose Weight

A special section on the subject has to do with women and weights. But women should not be afraid of this kind of exercise or of being big or muscular to do them. They do not have the same hormones as men and tend not to develop large muscles by doing weights. Doing this requires a lot of work, a lot of weight, a lot of supplements and years of dedication. What will happen to you if you are a woman and you do weights is that you will change the structure of your body, you will get a leaner one and you will maintain yourself with a lean body?

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The bottom line is that gaining muscle tissue and incorporating a weight-loss routine will be an investment that will give you an accelerated metabolism and an athletic and fit body, in addition to the main reason, burn the fat and keep the pounds off. Make weights, is the easiest way to keep you with a good figure. To know more health related tips please visit here

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